Sunday, June 21, 2015

Journeys and Inspirations - Day 3

Happy Father's Day!  This is me and my Dad.  He is 87 this year and he has been a wonderful father. My mom passed away two years ago so all special occasions seem a bit bittersweet without her there, especially for my dad.  They were married for 60 years.

In about an hour my husband, our 4 children and our daughter's boyfriend Tom, are driving into Richmond to have lunch with Dad and my sister and her family.  Dad lives with my sister and her husband and I am very grateful for the awesome care they are providing him.

In the late afternoon we are driving into Vancouver to see the Canadian women's soccer team take on Team Switzerland in the Women's World Cup Round of 16.  We (my husband, our children and Tom) are huge soccer fans and hopefully we will end our day happy after Canada's win (fingers crossed).

This quilt is called Lakeside and it reminds me of my dad. My grandparents purchased 11 acres on a lake in the interior of BC in the 1940's for 50 cents per acre.  My dad and his brothers built a two bedroom cabin on it and we spent all our summer vacations there.

So this is my Father's Day quilt.  Click here to see this on my website.

Have a great day with your dad, your husband, son or any great guy in your life!

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